Flute Repair by Steven Tung Est. July 2019

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In my teenage years, John Gillam taught me the basics of flute padding. He serviced the flutes and piccolos of fellow locals (in and around Newport News, Virginia, where I grew up). I had no idea how good he was and what, exactly, he was sharing with me. It was years later that I put to use these early lessons, refining my techniques by watching repair technicians, asking questions, and learning by doing.

I am making my flute repair skills available so that flutists in the Coastal Virginia area have another local resource for repair. However, I may accept non-local work if you really want to bring me (or send me) your flute. There are some flutists who prefer an actual flute player to work on their instruments. Since I also play, I suppose I fit this bill. However, in my opinion, some of the best repair technicians don't play the flute at all.

I work out of my home in the Dunhill Village of Kiln Creek near Exit 256 on Interstate 64 in Newport News, Virginia. If you'd like to make an appointment to have your flute or piccolo looked at, please call/text or email at 757-655-3399 or If you are interested in flute lessons, I am offering myself as a teacher. I would probably have you work on breathing, scales/exercises, duets (with me), tone (sonorité), and phrasing. My rate as a teacher is $60 for an hour lesson. I am not a fan of canceled or rescheduled appointments, so missed lessons will be charged in full. On the other hand, if I must miss a lesson, your next lesson will be at my expense (free).

Depending on the work done, you may be able to wait while I do the work on your instrument. If Mel is around, he will likely entertain you.

Bench rate is $100 per hour. Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) is $250. I do not like to do overhauls, but they would be charged the standard hourly bench rate, if I agreed to do one. I can recommend other technicians, if you need an overhaul on your instrument.

Logo artwork by artist Dathan Kane (July 2019)

-- Steven Tung (July 2019)

IG: stevendavidtung, philipdavidmusic, musicofcoastalva